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Rochester, NY 14626

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Business Area

  Transactions With Customers And Vendors
  We provide the legal services needed to improve and protect your business in its dealings with customers and vendors. These services include:
  Creating and reviewing documents:
    Sales agreements.
    Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements.
  Assisting in loan transactions.
  Advising about Export compliance (Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR)).
  Identifying and addressing other issues, including environmental.
  Preparing and filing Uniform Commercial Code financing statements.
  Obtaining information about the creditworthiness of customers.
Claims By And Against Customers, Vendors, Competitors
  We defend and prosecute claims that businesses have with customers, vendors, competitors, municipalities, government agencies, landlords and tenants. We can help with claims involving:
  Breach of contract.
  Uniform Commercial Code issues.
  Interference with contracts.
  Environmental and land use, including zoning.
  Lender claims.
Sale And Purchase Of A Business
  We provide the legal services needed to buy or sell your business. These services include:
  Preparing to buy or sell a business.
  Advising as to the selection of entity (corporation, LLC, partnership).
  Negotiating, preparing and reviewing the purchase and sale contract and related documents.
  Closing purchase and sale agreements.
  If financing is used to fund the transaction, reviewing the loan commitment letter, and working with the client to satisfy the lender’s due diligence requirements.
  Identifying ways to protect the client from potential liabilities for environmental and other regulatory topics.
Personnel Matters
  We support businesses in their employment relationships by:
  Drafting personnel policies, including those for safety, compensation, harassment, confidentiality, discipline and termination.
  Creating employee manuals.
  Negotiating and drafting employment contracts.
  Representing clients at unemployment insurance hearings.
  Defending claims related to employment, including ADA, FMLA, ERISA, OSHA and gender/race/religion, before NYS and federal administrative agencies and courts.
  Prosecuting claims related to employment agreements, non-competition, non-solicitation, and confidentiality.
Corporate Governance
  We help businesses become and stay organized and structured.
  Preparing for and conducting corporate meetings, both special and annual.
  Revising by-laws and other organizational.
  Structuring for new partners, shareholders and members.
We help resolve intra-company disputes by:
  Prosecuting or defending shareholder, partner or members with respect to claims or actions.
  Representing business partner, member or shareholder in connection with the disputed dissolution of corporation, limited liability company or partnership.


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