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Practice Areas And Fees

Transactions with Customers and Vendors: We provide the legal services needed to improve and protect your business in its dealings with customers and vendors.

Claims by and Against Customers, Vendors, and Competitors: We defend and prosecute claims that businesses have with customers, vendors, competitors, municipalities, government agencies, landlords and tenants.

Sales and Purchase of a Business: We provide the legal services needed to buy or sell your business.

Personnel Matters: We support businesses in their employment relationships.

Corporate Governance: We help businesses become and stay organized and structured.

Export Compliance: We help client with Export regulatory compliance (ITAR and EAR) and Federal contract requirements such as SBIR, FAR and DFARS procurement regulations.

Estate Administration
We take care of all services necessary to settle the estate of your loved one.

We represent parties in probate and trust disputes.

Estate Planning and Elder Law
We help clients identify and achieve their family goals, including Medicaid and VA benefit eligibility and their businesses.

We draft trusts that accommodate special needs dependents while minimizing potential loss of benefit and tax issues.

We help clients avoid the need and expense of probate through the use of trusts and simple beneficiary designations.

We help clients plan for their children’s and grandchildren’s educational needs and other important life events.

We work with clients’ advisors, to ensure that each component is integrated into the estate plan.

We meet with clients after implementing their estate plan to address any change in circumstances.

Business Succession Planning: We help clients transfer ownership to younger generations, anticipating and mitigating potential tax liabilities. We create Buy/Sell Agreements to protect families and their businesses from untimely and unexpected events. We help protect business assets as part of the estate plan for future generations.

We advocate for clients in state and federal courts, arbitration and mediation.

Personal Injury: We help clients who have been injured by the fault of others obtain just compensation for their damages.

Business Disputes: We help business owners prosecute and defend claims involving business disputes.

Commercial Disputes: We help clients who have disputes with vendors, customers and clients, tenants and landlords.

Real Estate
We help individuals, businesses and developers in the purchase, sale, lease or gift of residential and commercial property.

We represent developers, citizens’ groups and municipalities in issues related to the development of real property.

Real Estate Purchase & Sales: We provide all of the legal services needed to buy or sell your home or commercial property.

Transfer of Contaminated Property: We help clients who own, purchase, develop or use contaminated property.

We recommend ways to minimize potential liability for past discharges of environmental pollutants. We help purchasers of contaminated property recover the cost to investigate and clean up contamination caused by others.

We represent developers, citizens’ groups and municipalities in issues related to the development of real property.

Land Use Permitting: We help developers get zoning and state approvals needed to develop real estate.


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